Typical pre-engineered Building

The Pre-Engineered steel structure are designed for resistant to moisture, adverse weather conditions,  earthquake, termites & fire that provide you with lifelong durability, safety & very low cost of maintenance. Pre-engineered steel building is a very simple and economical with the necessary Architectural, Engineering & Construction with Pre-engineered steel Buildings.

A metal Building system is selected for the Project at hand, the next milestone is choosing among the available types of Pre-Engineered primary framing. Proper selection of primary framing, the backbone of Metal Buildings, goes a long way toward a successful implementation of the design steps to follow. Some of the factors that influence the choice of Main Framing include:

  • Dimension of Building: Width, Length & Height
  • Roof Slope
  • Required column- free clear Spans
  • Occupancy of the Building and acceptability of exposed steel columns
  • Proposed Roof & wall materials.

Nomenclature of Pre-Engineered Building / Metal Building.


The inherent quality of the PEB themselves is a huge contributory factor for this favorable response.

  • Reduce Construction Time
  • Flexibility of Expansion
  • Large Clear Span
  • Low Maintenance
  • Energy Efficient Roofing and Wall Systems
  • Architectural Versatility