Nirman -The Brand Name

Nirman is a Brand name of Anand based Steel Structure & Equipments , a Company with a 30-year experience of developing Industrial Shed & Warehouse in Gujarat and India. Nirman Brand Steel Building Solution provides fast-track solution in infrastructure development for domestic & local markets. We have 30 years of experience in Steel Structures, PEB/PFB -Industrial buildings and Steel buildings construction.



is a Brand name of Anand based Steel Structure & Equipments , a Company with a 30-year experience of developing Industrial Shed & Warehouse in Gujrat and India. Nirman Brand Steel Building Solution provides fast-track solution in infrastructure development for domestic & local markets. We have 30 years of experience in Steel Structure, PEB/PFB -Industrial buildings and Steel buildings construction.

NIRMAN Advantage

Nirman Advantage

We set extremely high standards for ourselves and continuously work towards delivering superior products for highly varied applications and industries, smoothly and efficiently.

Our consistent track record, strict adherence to quality control and the ability to successfully execute  projects, which require heavy duty engineering inputs like large span, complex forms and heavy sections, have enabled us to earn the trust & faith of our clients. The following compilation enlists the various reasons why Nirman is your ideal PEB partner

  • Advance Computer Aided Design, Manufacturing & Planning

We use an advanced proprietary design and engineering software that is fully integrated with manufacturing and logistics support. A highly efficient tool that enables industry standard CAD-CAM for desired accuracy in manufacturing processes, it works together with architects, consultants and engineers and is capable of designing a structure down to the minutes of details, giving accurate analysis and information related to the entire structure of the building resulting in an efficient processing of materials. It supports various architectural approaches, accommodates revisions and reduces both design and estimation time by providing relevant costs at an incredible speed.

Moreover, it complies with all relevant building codes like AISC, MBMA & IS etc., and incorporates varying needs of the region through weather load factors.

With 3-D imaging, load data and powerful architectural rendering, our customers are empowered with the opportunity to easily view the building’s geometry, loading conditions and product details.

Moreover, our precise design optimization aids in the intensive use of steel leading to the overall structure being almost 30% lighter. Our primary framing members are designed with tapered built-up plate sections with maximum steel in the areas of highest stress, using high strength steel.

Secondary members are light gauge, cold formed “Z” or “C” shaped members which are roll-formed for minimum weight and labour cost.

  • Excellent On Time Record

Time is money and we save both. Delayed execution of projects plague businesses with cost overruns, unnecessary stress and hassles that bring down the occupants’ profit and productivity. Our team’s capability to convert our technological and manufacturing prowess into top quality products through constructive channels has enabled us to make sure that the return on your investment is quick by delivering a fully functional, ready-to-operate building.

  • Attention to Detail & Aesthetics

Given the diverse applications of PEBs ranging from warehouses to workshops to factory buildings and schools, we believe in giving equal priority to constructing optimally designed, yet aesthetically pleasing and durable structures with superior finish and detailed layouts wherever necessary.

  • Comprehensive & Detail Engineering

We offer comprehensive and detailed engineering inputs for efficient ventilation, heat reduction, fire-protection (if needed), and various anti-corrosion and high-end applications for surface finishing of primary members.

  • Single Source of Responsibility

“Nirman” is a single-window solution for all your steel construction needs and requirements. Multiple responsibilities can lead to co-ordination issues specifically between suppliers and contractors causing chaos, mismanagement and the worst of all, project delay. We understand how untimely execution of projects can weigh down your business for which we offer complete building solutions, all under one roof. We design, detail, manufacture, transport and install steel buildings along with providing maintenance and other after sales services. Moreover, in selected regions, we also undertake civil, mechanical and electrical activities along with providing the steel building solutions. This further enhances the overall efficiency and coordination between several activities involved in the total project.

Our Products

  • Pre Engineered Building for Industries having EOT Crane.

    Pre-engineered building with EOT Crane Provision in single span & Multi Span can also Design Versatile with its inherent Quality.
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  • Typical pre-engineered Building

    The Pre-Engineered steel structure are designed for resistant to moisture, adverse weather conditions, earthquake, termites & fire that provide you with lifelong durability, safety & very low cost of maintenance.
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  • Primary Member – Rigid Frame of Structural System.

    Primary Member – Rigid Frame of Structural System.
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  • Conventional Frame Verses Pre-Engineered Rigid Frame.

    In conventional steel Buildings, mill produce hot rolled sections (Beams & Columns) are used. The size of each member is selected on the basis of the maximum internal stress in the member.
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  • Cladding – sheet of Roof and wall.

    We offer cost effective aesthetically pleasing roof and wall cladding systems for all industrial use with wide range of roofing and cladding materials used for pre engineering building structures.
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  • Secondary Member -Purling And Girts Colled Rolled( Z & C Shape)

    Purling, grits and eave struts are secondary structural members used to support the wall and roof panels. Purling are used on the roof; grits are used on the walls and eave struts are used at the intersection of the sidewall and the roof.
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